The Art of Japanese Screens and Furnishings

Ref. 5588

A two-fold paper screen painted in ink and colour on a gold and silver ground with precious objects.

Japan Edo period 18th century

Dimensions: H. 137cm x W. 149cm

Takaramono (The Myriad Treasures) are associated with the Seven Gods of Good Luck, who carry them in a sack. Among the treasures, which are said to ensure prosperity, long life and general good fortune, are:

Natural items, such as mandarin oranges, cloves, coral branches, rhinoceros horns, and shells.

Imaginary symbols of good fortune, which include the hat and raincoat of invisibility, the purse of inexhaustible riches, a feathered cape, the endless knot, and the wish granting gem.

Practical but auspicious items such as coins, an anchor, and a weight.

Objects representing the cultural life such as brocades, koto bridges, a flat fan and scrolls.