The Art of Japanese Screens and Furnishings

Ref. 5640

A two-fold paper screen painted in ink and colour on a buff ground with sparrows in flight above pine trees.

Signed: Goun
Seal: Goun

Japan Taisho/Showa period 20th century

Dimensions: h. 170.5 cm x w. 190 cm

Nishimura Goun (1877-1938). Nishimura Goun lived in Kyoto and was initially the pupil of Kishi Chikudo before studying under Takeuchi Seiho. He showed at the Nihon Bijutsu Kyokai and then with the Zenkoku Kaiga Kyoshinkai. He was a prize winner at the first Bunten and was a member and frequent juror of the Teiten. He was also a member of the Imperial Art Academy and a Professor at various Kyoto Art schools. His subjects included flowers, fish, animals and birds. He was a Kyoto School painter and considered to be heir to Seiho in manner.

Works by the artist can be found in the collections of Kyoto City Art Museum, The Kyoto National Museum for Modern Art, Tokyo University of Arts Exhibition Hall and The Yamatane Museum of Art Tokyo.