The Art of Japanese Screens and Furnishings

A pair of two fold paper screens painted in ink and colour on a buff ground with egrets in a river beside bamboo and a boat.

Right hand screen Signed: Kosei Saku Seal: Kosei
Left hand screen Seal: Shibagaki

Japan Showa period 20th century

Dimensions: h. 156 cm x w. 169 cm (each screen)

Shibagaki Kosei 1895-?
Born in Tokyo he studied under Yokoyama Taikan (1868-1958) and Kimura Buzan (1876-1942)

1921 won first prize in 7th SaiKo Dai In Ten exhibition
1930 became part of Nippon Bijutsu-in (Japan Fine Art Society)
1931 won a prize at 2nd Dai Shotoku-Tasshi Housan Bijutsu-Ten for his work entitled ‘Yosou’ (Sun Light in the Window)
1938 Kosei, Ibaragi Sanpo, Kobayashi Miki,Tanaka Asako and eight others withdrew from the Japan Fine Art Society to form the Shiko Fine Art Society where they held regular exhibitions until being interrupted by the second world war.
1951 The Society was reformed and Kosei was made governor