The Art of Japanese Screens and Furnishings

Ref. 5703

A paper furosaki screen painted in ink and colour on a gold ground with a scene from the Tale of Genji.


Japan Edo period 18th century

Dimensions: h. 35.5 cm x w. 155 cm

Tale of Genji. Chapter 34 Wakana: Jo, New Herbs, part 1

Elaborate festivities are under way for the celebration of Genji's 40th birthday, the Wakana of the title refers to the ritual herbs presented by Tamakazura. Prince Genji, after much resistance, has been persuaded to take Nyosan, the Third Princess to Rokujo. When things had settled down at Rokujo, Kashiwagi hoped to start a secret affair with Nyosan who he thinks has been neglected by Genji.

Kashiwagi comes over to play a courtly version of kemari (football) with Yugiri and some friends when, owing to the mischievousness of one of her cats, he and Yugiri catch a fleeting glimpse of Nyosan. Kashiwagi is determined to contact her either through her maid, Kojiju or even through her cat if necessary